What's the difference between fat-head and long-tail keywords?

Fat-head vs Long-tail Keywords – What’s the Difference?

By: Owain
July 25, 2019

Keywords are arguably the most important aspect of search engine optimization. Fat-head and long-tail keyword strategies can help you target relevant and profitable search traffic. But what’s the difference between fat-head and long-tail, and which should your business focus on?

Search engines like Google have become a key pillar in how we use the Internet. Unsurprisingly, this has led to many businesses spotting an opportunity within search engines. By getting more traffic to their website, businesses increase the probability of converting those visitors into paying customers.

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User activation rate is a key metric for any digital marketer.

You Can Improve User Activation With Email Marketing

By: Richard
July 22, 2019

Competition within digital marketing makes it hard for companies to acquire and retain customers. This is particularly true for the SaaS and freemium business models. This type of business relies on high levels of user engagement with their apps and products. Because of this, user activation is a big part of the onboarding and sales process.

For most digital products and services, there is a lengthy path between curious prospects and paying customers. Many digital start-ups witness a high volume of users signing up for their free product. But only a small number of those users will become paying customers.

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A guest blogging strategy can drive traffic to your website.

How to Build a Guest Blogging Strategy That Drives Leads to Your Website

By: Gary
July 17, 2019

Guest blogging is an important and often-lucrative marketing tool for many online businesses. With over 2 million blog posts published daily, it may seem impossible to cut through the noise. But, by creating unique content and posting it on websites and blogs other than your own, you can leverage this broad network to drive leads to your own website. This is where the right guest blogging strategy can make all the difference to your business.

The nature of blogging has slowly changed over the years. Much of the change has been a natural evolution. But some change has been driven by Google and other search engines. In the early days of the Internet, it was people – not businesses – that shared blogs. They were mostly personal diaries. Most were either single-author creations or collaborations between several authors and usually centred on specific niche topics.

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