Publicity is a great way for start-up businesses to increase their reach and connect with their audience in a positive way.

Publicity for Growth – How Startups Can Use PR to Reach Their Audience

By: Owain
October 2, 2019

Publicity is a great way for startup businesses to increase their reach and connect with their audience in a positive way. PR horror stories should not put off startup marketers from pitching their stories. Startups are primed to benefit hugely from this type of coverage.

Bad publicity has led the decline of some of the biggest and most successful businesses ever. Do you remember how Gerald Ratner destroyed his jewelry business by labelling it as ‘total crap’?

With this in mind, publicity can seem daunting. Especially so for a startup with little experience in how to leverage the tool to their benefit.

But the startup stage is also where good publicity can have the biggest impact on growth. And it can shape your customers’ perception of your business.  

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A growth hacking team plans their strategy.

What Is Growth Hacking and How Can Your Business Put It Into Practice?

By: Olivia
August 21, 2019

Growth is the most important feature of any business. So it makes sense that growth hacking has become a discipline in its own right. But what exactly is growth hacking? And how can your business deploy a growth hacking program successfully?

A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth.” So says angel investor and start-up advisor Sean Ellis. He first coined the phrase “growth hacking” back in 2010.

Against a fast-moving business landscape, the meaning of growth hacking can get lost. It is commonly understood to be a means of growing a business to get the attention of its target audience. And, at the same time, maintaining the expansion and retention of a product’s active user base.

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Viral marketing campaigns can help companies grow at a faster rate than other marketing strategies.

How Viral Marketing Can Grow Your Business Fast

By: Richard
August 18, 2019

Viral Marketing. There’s a buzzword that has literally gone viral.

The speed and ease of sharing content across social networks has ushered in a golden age for brands. There’s no better form of advertising than peer-to-peer referrals.

It is wise to encourage customers to share and champion your brand. And it is the execution of this idea that makes viral marketing such a powerful strategy.

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Personalization in email marketing creates a seamless experience for customers

Email Marketing Personalization Will Boost Clicks and Conversions

By: Richard
August 12, 2019

Personalization is a key tool in a modern business’s digital marketing strategy. The consumer expectation is there but enterprises fail to meet these expectations when it comes to email marketing. 

A personalized email has to go beyond simply using a cheerful greeting and the recipient’s name. 

Marketers that get email right create a seamless experience for their customers. Show them you understand their needs and desires and you will earn their trust and respect.

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Newsletter sponsorship allows your business to advertise on third-party newsletters

Newsletter Sponsorship Is a Low-cost Source of Leads

By: Gary
August 6, 2019

Marketers know that email is a great way to reach and retain customers. But building your own email list can take a long time, meaning your business is unlikely to see a return on investment in the short-term. Newsletter sponsorship allows your business to reach prospective customers on third-party newsletters and can be a great acquisition channel.

Successful newsletters reach huge audiences. Sponsoring these in return for advertising space is a great way to leverage their circulation and drive targeted traffic to your website. For the newsletter distributor, sponsorship is an excellent source of income, so it is a win-win for all stakeholders.

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